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Prague: Food Glorious Food!


The first part of this post should really be titled 'My ode to the trdelnik' , because these things are AMAZING! On most streets in the city centre you can find trdelnik vendors enticing you in with the smell of warm pastry and cinnamon.

So what is a trdelnik you ask? The best way I can describe it is a spiral of warm pastry, a little like the hot donuts you get at the fairground, which is then coated in sugar and cinnammon. It can be eaten as it is, or depending on the shop you buy it from, a variety of fillings can be added, such as ice cream, fruit etc. My personal favourite was one called magic apple, which was like a spiced apple pie filling and was an amazing winter warmer!

Old Prague Ham

In Prague's Old Town Square, you will find many stalls selling Old Prague Ham, which is popular Czech smoked ham, cooked on a rotisserie at the stall. The stalls also sell potato dishes and beer alongside the ham for a real feast.

*******TOP TIP******

Be aware that the prices for the food at these stalls are by weight in grams and NOT per serving! If you do not state an amount when ordering you will be given a large piece of meat that will be very expensive and that you almost certainly won't be able to eat on your own! Many people get caught out by this 'trick' so always double check the signs.


Most people associate Prague with its beer, which is cheap, good and available pretty much everywhere in the city. What you may not know however, is that there is also a vineyard in the Castle district that makes very good wine too!

St Wenceslas Vineyard next the Prague Castle on the hill not only produces wine put also serves it alongside food at the Panorama Cafe. Another bonus is that amazing view you get of the whole city! What better way to enjoy a glass or three?

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