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Prague: My Top 3 Photo Spots for amazing views!

1. Panorama Cafe

Situated at the top of the steps leading up to Prague Castle is a rather lovely vineyard that has an amazing view over the whole city! The Vineyard has its own cafe, rather aptly named the 'Panorama Cafe', where you can grab a bite to eat and sample the local wine- and being Prague, the prices are good! All in all a nice relaxing spot to get some really amazing panorama snaps!

2. Střelecký Island (Střelecký ostrov)

Further south, in the river that runs through the city, lies Střelecký Island. The island makes for a nice change of pace from the regular hustle and bustle of the city with an abundance of trees and nature. You can also get right up to the waters edge for some dynamic shots or the city from the level of the river. You would be able to get some amazing photos of the city lights reflecting off the river here at night I think. Check out the map below to help you find this hidden gem! 

3. Mánes Bridge

To get some truly beautiful views of the Charles Bridge, it makes sense that you would need to be on the next bridge over, and that's where the Mánes Bridge comes in! Of course the bridges main function is to facilitate a tram line between the two sides of the river, and is a rather lovely bridge in itself, but I have to admit doesn't quite compare with the main attraction. I came back here again once the sun had gone down, and I hope you'll agree that the potential for nighttime photography and long exposure shots here is unreal! See a sneak peek of my efforts below!

As always I'll be uploading more of my adventures to Instagram @kel_anne_hunt so stay tuned and I hope you enjoy! Feel free to leave any questions in the comments :)

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