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Procida: A hidden gem in the bay of Naples!

I like to plan my trips to a certain degree, and my visit to Naples was no exception. I was spending a total of four days in the city and after doing my research I found that I would be spending a majority of my time day tripping to different parts of the Amalfi Coast to see the famous sights such as Pompeii and Sorrento. The nearby islands in the bay of Naples were also calling my name, but with only one day left to visit I had to make a decision about which one to go to!

The island that pulls the most visitors in is Capri, which is also beautiful, but very busy and expensive. As this was the penultimate day of my two month  trip around Europe I wanted to go somewhere with a more relaxed vibe, and then I read about Procida!

The island can be reached by hydrofoil ferry from Naples, which is fairly inexpensive if you book in advance. The main thing that attracted me to Procida were the photos of the colourful buldings nestling in the cliffside like in the photo above (I'm a sucker for a good photo opportunity!).

Here's a closer view of those lovely pastel colours! The streets are very quaint too, with only just enough room for motorcycles and golf cart sized vehicles to pass through.

Another interesting thing about Procida is that there is actually an old abandoned prison on the island, so there's something to interest the crime and history enthusiasts as well as the beach goers!

And to finish off the day, a trip to the picturesque harbour for some fresh local food is a must!

All in all a real hidden gem, and a great place to spend the day without the price tag and tourists that have consumed Capri!

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